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As a parent of a child in Grade 4 at Eastbourne Primary School I cannot speak highly enough about the wonderful engaging teachers and programs. My son is thriving with the Individual Learning Plans and if asked to explain Eastbourne in one word he says “FUN”. There is always something happening for him to look forward to keeping him motivated and interested in learning.

Trish - Year 4 Parent

The teachers are nice, the principal is REALLY cool and has a nice sense of humour. He doesnt always dress in serious clothes. Plus, he is not always at his desk: at play time he is out in the yard doing stuff. Plus the vice principal plays footy with the kids and opens the bush pod, and Mr Pascoe does the walking bus. That's why Eastbourne is the best school ever.

Marcus, Year 4

I like many things about Eastbourne. The teachers are so supportive, the specialist subjects are heaps of fun and the kitchen garden is great becasue I enjoy gardening and cooking delicious meals. But the thing that stands out for me the most is the people. Everyone is so kind and friendly. Some other schools dont have very nice people but this one certainly does.

Ebony, year 5.

As a parent of a child attending their first year at Eastbourne Primary School I couldn’t think any more highly of this school. I have a child who is enthusiastic and motivated to learn, experiences many opportunities that are creating such positive life-long memories, and she engages with everyone she meets. There is a clear sense of E.P.S ‘knowing’ my child and everything she has to offer. I love how Nanna and Poppy want to re-live their education, and recently on Alex’s first day of absence there were tears! “I love school more than 10 million, billion, million, 10, 10, 4, 4 cookies and cream ice-cream.”

Carolyn Mather
Parent and Year 6 Teacher