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Celebrating Success in 2015

It has been another great year at Eastbourne Primary School, and our work in improving the school is achieving great results for children in our community. Each year our school develops an Annual Implementation Plan to ensure that the goals within our 4 year Strategic Plan are being addressed, and the school is constantly improving. We are currently evaluating our results and setting goals for next year.rosebud primary school eastbourne Tutoring

Here are some of the highlights of our achievements throughout the year:


The hallmark of a successful school is excellence in student outcomes. Our school has set targets to improve our outcomes in Writing and Spelling, and ensuring that we are maximising growth between years 3 and 5 in these curriculum areas has been our focus. To help teachers develop their skills in this area, we have developed new assessment methods to find out precisely what students need to learn to improve their writing, and developed methods for tracking student improvement. We have also developed a spelling program that puts the focus on catering for individual students’ needs. The result of this improved teaching is vastly improved results in our students’ spelling and writing outcomes, with 20% more students achieving medium-to-high growth between years 3 and 5 NAPLAN assessments.

Across the board, most areas in the school made greater than expected progress in key curriculum areas over the past 12 months. For our Prep students, they have made much greater than expected progress on average in their first 10 months of school. We continue to make excellent progress for students thanks to our teachers’ hard work in designing a precise and engaging curriculum.


Overall our Parent Opinion Survey data has remained strong throughout 2015. There has been a huge increase in parents’ satisfaction with the school over the last 3 years, and our school now ranks in the top 14% of schools in the state in parents’ general satisfaction. Families and students on the whole are more active in the learning process due to our communication of learning steps and more systematic approach to communication, class expos (such as Pop into Prep), class newsletters, touch base reporting and end of semester reporting.

We have responded to parent feedback regarding specialist reports, and are now making a greater effort to personalise student reports in the Arts, ICT and Physical Education.


We have continued to maintain improvements in students’ and families’ perceptions of safety and classroom behaviour in the last 12 months thanks to our continued focus on building a positive, relationships-focused school culture. We have done this by increasing supervision and positive play activities in the yard, developing clear guidelines for dealing with student misbehaviour and following-up on all parent and student concerns as quickly and effectively as possible. These continue to be areas that we will work on next year, with significant staff professional development being allocated to ensuring all students can learn effectively at school. The ongoing allocation of resources to support students and families (including our Family Engagement and Transition Support worker (Mel Wyatt), Chaplain Diyanne, breakfast program, social and emotional learning program, access to additional support staff, and many other wellbeing programs) is ensuring that we are supporting all students to feel happy and safe at school.