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Educators at Eastbourne Primary School are trained in the Abecedarian Approach, a proven early childhood teaching approach that prioritises language-rich, positive adult-child interactions.

The Abecedarian Approach is a simple but powerful approach to early language development based on the work of Professor Joseph Sparling. This innovative evidence-based approach has been utilised in disadvantaged communities since the 1970s in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe and now in Indigenous communities in Australia with measurable long-term benefits to participants. The approach puts children’s language development as the number one priority. Through the application of simple yet powerful games, conversational reading and enriched caregiving, children’s language development is enhanced. Developing educators’ awareness of this high quality practice ensures that early learning is of the best possible quality.

Child-led and adult-led play-based learning at Eastbourne Primary School is balanced with teacher-led learning. At the core of all learning and teaching is a focus on intentionality, formative assessment, progress and language development.

Eastbourne Primary School works closely with local education providers, the local shire council and the Seawinds Community Hub to promote learning from birth in our community.