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Sport and Physical Education

Eastbourne Primary school provides a varied and stimulating Sport and Physical Education program and participates in a range of local sporting activities to encourage a healthy and positive outlook. The school-based physical education promotes the progressive development of the 11 fundamental motor skills from Prep to Grade 6. A large part of this is also accommodating for all skill levels and the development of appropriate attitudes to activity.
Some of the sporting opportunities we offer at Eastbourne Primary include events such as:

  • PMP (Perceptual Motorskills Program)
  • Senior swimming carnival
  • Interschool athletics carnival
  • Summer and winter lightning premierships
  • Tennis tournament
  • District triathlon
  • School fun run and walkathon
  • Beach programs
  • Girls footy day
  • School footy day
  • Swimming programs

Active children have great opportunities at Eastbourne Primary School.