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Wireless Technology Integration Throughout the School

Eastbourne Primary School's specialist Information and Communication Technology specialist program is supported with strongly embedded technology across the curriculum.

In Prep to Year 6 classes, ipad technology is utilised along with desktop and notebook computers to support students learning. Technology is used literacy and numeracy learing to assist students to practice important skills, as well as produce media that gives real purpose to literacy and provides an important link between school and home. Wireless technology means that students have acess to technology when it is needed to support their learning, both in their classroom, in their specialist subjects and in outdoor learning environments.

Eastbourne Primary School's ICT Capability Rating by the education department is 4 stars. Our current device to student ratio is one device for every 1.8 students. Our current average device age is rated as 'enhanced'.

The school provides free access to Reading Eggs, Literacy Pro and Mathletics learning programs at home and at school.

Class blogs and email are used widely between school and home to ensure that parents are engaged in their child's learning.