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Year Foundation to Year 6 students can attend swimming lessons each year at our local swimming pool. Students have access to an intensive swimming program to develop water safety knowledge, learn swimming techniques and develop enjoyment of water.  Students thoroughly enjoy swimming lessons every year.    
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Sport and Physical Education

Eastbourne Primary school provides a varied and stimulating Sport and Physical Education program and participates in a range of local sporting activities to encourage a healthy and positive outlook. The school-based physical education promotes the progressive development of the 11 fundamental motor skills from Prep to Grade 6. A large part of this is also…
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At Eastbourne Primary School, we recognise the importance of students learning science and place a high priority on teaching this subject area across the school. A specialist science program has been developed at the school using the Australian Curriculum to ensure our students are well-prepared for  their transition to secondary school to continue to learn…
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Ready, Set… School

During terms three and four, Eastbourne Primary School offers a 10-week 'Ready, Set... School' program designed to help pre-school children make the best start to school. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and happy transition to school for children and their families. The program is staffed by teachers, and pre-school children can get an…
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