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Reading Recovery

Eastbourne Primary School recognises the central importance of developing early literacy. Research shows that when children do not make expected progress in learning to read and write early on, catching up to their peers is very challenging. Ensuring that all children get the best start in developing early literacy is one of the goals of…
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Purposeful Learning Environments

Eastbourne Primary School boasts well-resourced learning environments that support our students to make progress in their learning. Our team-based approach is supported by our school organisation. Teams of teachers work together to meet the needs of all students in their cohort, so teams are situated in close proximity to support flexible, point of need grouping.…
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Positive School Community

Eastbourne Primary School has a dedicated group of parents and friends who enhance our school community in many different ways, varying from helping in the classroom to cutting fruit to helping in the kitchen garden classes as well as holding our Mothers' and Fathers' Day stalls. We also have a wonderful group of volunteers who…
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Perceptual Motor Program

As part of our school program all prep children are involved in the regular Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). Multi-sensory activities promoted through the program are designed to develop each child's Gross Motor skills, fine motor skills, short term memory, eye tracking and language skills in a fun way. Parent helpers are involved in every session…
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