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Principal’s Message

On behalf of the Eastbourne Primary School Community, I extend a warm welcome to you and your family. Your child is beginning a new phase in their education and we are pleased to be part of this exciting time. I know that your association with Eastbourne Primary School will be happy, educationally challenging and successful for you and your child’s education. Remember, when you enrol your child, we enrol your whole family.

At Eastbourne Primary School, we see the education process as the joint responsibility of school and home and seek to involve parents and the community in the student’s learning. You will be invited to actively participate in many ways in the education of your child. We believe that students develop more meaningful and positive attitudes to school and learning if parents, families and teachers work as a cooperative team to ensure the very best educational outcomes for all students.

Eastbourne’s commitment to the wellbeing and learning of each child is what sets our school apart from others. School staff works tirelessly to care for each student as a young person and a learner, and personalise learning for each student, which helps our students make greater than expected progress in their learning.

We aim to provide a friendly, safe, nurturing environment and endeavour to build a strong partnership between students, staff and parents thereby striving to achieve the best education for all students.

At Eastbourne Primary School you will be encouraged and invited to:-

  • Share with teachers or myself any concerns or issues you may have.
  • Become actively involved in the school through a variety of activities.
  • Go into classrooms at negotiated times to work with teachers and students.
  • Share your enthusiasm for lifelong learning both in and out of school.

At Eastbourne Primary School each student is treated as an individual and by building their capacity, encouraged to progress at their own pace. We provide an appropriate and comprehensive, stimulating and challenging curriculum that fosters and encourages learning as an enjoyable and life long experience. Teachers work with each student across the Victorian Curriculum in the areas of English, Mathematics, The Arts, Science, Humanities and Economics. In the physical, personal and social learning area the curriculum is designed to equip students for a changing and challenging world to ensure they develop as people who take increasing responsibility for their own wellbeing, their own learning, their own relationships and their role in the community.

Students learn a range of knowledge, skills and behaviours to ensure they are prepared as active learners, critical and creative thinkers and problem solvers for success at school and beyond. We focus on ways of thinking, communicating, conceiving ideas and information. Students develop the capacity to design, create and evaluate processes as a way of developing their creativity.

Through newsletters, touch base reporting, student led parent interviews, information nights, emails and other opportunities as they arise, we will keep you informed of school happenings generally, and your child’s progress in particular.

We look forward to sharing an enjoyable and exciting time with you as your child develops a love of learning and an understanding of cooperation and citizenship while at Eastbourne Primary School.
Stephen Wilkinson