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Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Leadership and Administration

Wilkinson, Stephen

Stephen Wilkinson


Pascoe, Brett

Brett Pascoe

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing and Student Engagement

Hugh Greer

Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

Norton, Amanda

Amanda Norton

Business Manager

Young, Glenda

Glenda Young



Prep Team

Aglinskas, Annette

Annette Aglinskas

Room 1 Teacher - Prep Professional Learning Team Leader

Fenney, Sue

Sue Fenney

Room 3 Teacher - Expressive Therapies Practitioner

Riley, Deearne

Deearne Riley

Room 6a Teacher - Early Years Transition Coordinator


Year 1 Team

Jones, Denise

Denise Jones

Room 21 Teacher - Year 1 Professional Learning Team Leader Year 1 Communication and Administration Leader

Ross, Natasha

Natasha Ross

Room 20 Teacher - Year 1 Communication and Administration Leader

Year 2 Team

Harbour, Sue

Sue Harbour

Room 4 Teacher - Year 2 Communication and Administrations Leader

Year 3 Team

Rees, Nicole

Nicole Rees

Room 13 Teacher - Year 3 Professional Learning Team Leader


Year 4 Team

Hornsby, Dean

Dean Hornsby

Room 10 Teacher - Year 4 Communication and Administration Leader

Mather, Carolyn

Carolyn Mather

Room 7 Teacher - Year 4 Professional Learning Team Leader

Greer, Cristina

Cristina Greer

Room 9 Teacher - Science, Humanities and General Capabilities Strategic Team Leader

Year 5 Team

Eakins, Michelle

Michelle Eakins

Room 16 Teacher - Year 5 Communication and Administration Leader

 Hornsby, Jodie
Jodie Hornsby

Room 15 Teacher - Year 5 Professional Learning Team Leader

Year 6 Team

Stranger, Kate

Kate Stranger

Room 13 Teacher - Year 6 Transition Leader

Swayn, Melissa

Melissa Swayn

Room 14 Teacher - Year 6 Professional Learning Team Leader

Hunter, Carli

Carli Hunter

Room 19 Teacher - Year 6 Communication and Administration Leader

 Specialist Team

Miller, Skye

Skye Miller

ICT Specialist Teacher, Intervention Leader

Eastbourne ICT Blog

Swayn, Chris

Chris Swayn

Performing Arts Specialist Teacher

Health and Physical Education Specialist Teacher

Hardeman, Judy

 Judy Hardeman

Visual Arts Specialist Teacher

Mackenzie, Robyn

 Robyn MacKenzie

Visual Arts Specialist Teacher

Walsh-Hipwell, Christine

Christine Walsh-Hipwell

Reading Recovery Teacher

Educational Support Staff

Young, Kaye

Kaye Young

Integration and Speech Therapy

Packer, Kylie

Kylie Packer

Integration and Speech Therapy

Kovacs, Lyn

Lyn Kovacs

Integration and Speech Therapy

Grenfell, Julie

Julie Grenfell

Integration and Speech Therapy

Colombo, Jo

Jo Colombo

Integration and Speech Therapy

Beel, Elizabeth

Libby Beel


Wood, Kelly

Kelly Wood

Kitchen and Garden

Danielle Debernardi

Canteen and Out of School Hours Care

White, Ron

Ron White


Norman, Tanisha

Tanisha Norman

Canteen/Out of School Hours Care

Podhaczky, Diyanne

Diyanne Podhacksy