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Wellbeing and Engagement

How We Create a Positive School Community

Eastbourne Primary School is a KIDSMATTER school and is committed to the 4 components to promote student health and wellbeing:

  • A positive School Community,
  • Social Emotional Learning,
  • Working with Patents and Carers and
  • Helping Children with Mental Health Difficulties.

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At Eastbourne we encourage parents to work in partnership in the education of kids – the school has an open door policy that welcomes involvement in and inclusion in the school community.  Students feel more connected when staff families and the local community get involved the day to day school life.

Our school is in a pleasant setting with attractive grounds with an emphasis on being child-centred through the presence of student art work and activities that are aimed at allowing children to engage in fun activities.  Parents and the members of the local community can take part in school life through being a part of a strong Parents and Friends, volunteering to assist in classrooms, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, excursions, sports events, class expos and special events and other activities in the school calendar.  Parents, students and staff share in the educational progress of students through regular contact, reflection and informing of learning progress.


Social and Emotional Learning at Eastbourne

Strong relationships between staff, students and their families creates a culture of mutual respect and understanding.   At the start of each year, classes develop understandings that will help to build a safe and supportive classroom environment.  Social skills and values are regularly discussed and reflected upon through class circle time discussions throughout the year.

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Students develop social and emotional competence that will help them academically, socially and emotionally throughout their lives.  By teaching essential social skills and promotion of positive emotional development, students can reach their potential as learners and make choices that allow them to achieve their aspirations and to contribute to the wider community.

Through the You Can Do It program students are explicitly taught 5 keys to success: Confidence, Getting Along, Persistence, Organisation and Resilience.  These are skills that will help students to maximise their opportunities.

Positive mental wellbeing and pro social behaviours are also encouraged through allowing students to become more socially and self-aware allowing them to be able to make good decisions for themselves and to build positive relationships.

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Local Contacts: Child First, Anglicare

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