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Wellbeing and Engagement

How We Create a Positive School Community

Eastbourne Primary School is a KIDSMATTER/BEYOU  school and is committed to promoting student health and wellbeing through the development of:

  • A positive school community
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Relationships between the Parent/Carer and the school
  • Programs to assist children with mental health difficulties
  • School-wide positive behaviour programs

Students feel connected when staff, families and the local community are involved in daily school life. At Eastbourne we encourage families to work in partnership with the school in achieving the best outcomes for each child.

Our school is in a pleasant setting with attractive grounds.  The facilities are child-centred and enhanced through the presence of dynamic student art work.  There is a wide variety of equipment which encourages engagement in fun, social activities during break times.  Parents and members of the local community are welcomed to school life through being a part of our Parents and Friends group, volunteering to assist in classrooms, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, excursions, sports events, class expos and other activities in the school calendar.  Regular contact between home and school is promoted for information sharing, reflection and celebration of each child’s learning progress. We encourage families to check out our Facebook posts and by using Remind and our school Compass to keep connected.

Social and Emotional Learning at Eastbourne

Strong relationships between staff, students and their families creates a culture of mutual respect and understanding.  At the start of each year, classes develop understandings that will help to build a safe and supportive classroom environment.  Social skills and values are regularly discussed and reflected upon during class circle time and explicit teaching throughout the year. In the You Can Do It program students are explicitly taught the 5 keys to success: Confidence, Getting Along, Persistence, Organisation and Resilience.

By developing social and emotional competence, students are well equipped to reach their potential as learners and collaborate positively with peers. These programs also help students understand our school values;

Respect, Collaboration, Community and Learning!

Everyone has the right to learn and play in a fair and safe environment 


Everyone has the responsibility to provide and fair and safe environment



Our Zones Centre: “Zones” is a curriculum designed to help students identify their feelings and emotional reactions and learn sensory and perspective taking strategies that encourage better self-regulation. A simple colour coded, four zones format encourages learning. This is a classroom and family friendly tool with wide application across students of all ages, right into adulthood. We have our very own Zone Centre for students to access throughout the day when they feel they need help regulating.

Engagement and Wellbeing – Information and Resources

No Limits Speech Intervention and onsite speech therapist

Anglicare programs- homework club/tutoring and much more

Paediatrician onsite at our school every second Friday

Annual Nurse Visit for hearing/sight consultation

Annual Dentist Van Visits

Chaplaincy: The school chaplain supports the student wellbeing programs through mentoring students, running social development group work, liaising with parents and community groups. Our school Chaplain Diyanne Podhaczky is here every Tuesday and Thursday.

Kids Help Line


Attendance - Eastbourne Primary School understands that full attendance is a key to engagement and maximises every student’s ability to learn and our teacher’s ability effectively. Eastbourne Primary School has actively embraced the ‘It’s Not Okay To Be Away’ approach and has initiated an Attendance Policy that will ensure student attendance is monitored and responded to in an effective and efficient manner.


You Can Do It - This program underpins the whole school culture. It is taught as part of our curriculum and along with the ‘Hands Off’ program and is an indelible part of Eastbourne Primary School’s environment.

Restorative Practices - Restorative Practices is part of the Eastbourne Primary School student resolution process. This process encourages engagement, builds pride, respect and responsibility in each individual student in the classroom and in the playground.